Gatekeeper Security Services:

On-site: $25-$75/hr both armed / unarmed.

Patrol: $45 / patrol, each patrol is 45-60 minutes and is a combination of foot and vehicle patrol.

Investigation: $55/hr with a 4 hour retainer, retainer may be waved after free consultation.

All pricing is subject to change dependent on risk and duties to be preformed, special discount pricing is available after consultation.

Event Security Services:

Gatekeeper Security, Inc, provides quotes for event security services based on the type of event, size of the venue, number of hours and how many guards are needed, as well as what they will be doing at the event and other factors. Since these factors vary widely, the cost per hour can range from $30 to $100 per hour.

General Security Services:

Our general security services in Colorado are able to facilitate almost any type of security needs that our clients request. By using Gatekeeper Security, Inc., you and your property can be protected, as we employ experienced security personnel along with communication, surveillance technology, and vehicular assistance.All of these resources come together in order to provide the most thorough general security services in Colorado.

As a provider of general security services in Colorado, the types of protection that our clients request is often drastically different from one case to the next. We've provided security for large events and parties, hotels, malls, high-profile individuals, corporate meetings, private residences, and businesses. We have both the resources and staff to ensure safety, loss and damage prevention, and privacy.

With decades of experience in the private security business, Gatekeeper Security, Inc, has built a solid reputation for efficient, trustworthy private security services in Colorado and Texas. One of the main reasons for our success in the industry is our dedication to customer service for our clients and our dedication to the protection of their properties. Along with having previous experience in the security industry, our staff for security services in Denver is required to undergo on-going training to promote better alertness and tactical responses to many different situations.

Gatekeeper Security, Inc, provides courtesy patrol in Denver and Colorado Springs for all ranges of client needs, whether it’s for events, meetings, malls, hotels, distribution centers, medical and educational facilities, apartment complexes, construction sites or any other service needs. This broad approach to our services allows us to cater to many different security requests in Colorado. Since these factors vary widely, the cost per hour can range from $30 to $100 per hour.